Dinosaur Jr. Rock an Awkward, Distanced Crowd

by Owen Murray

Cars full of restless music fans piled into the Cheshire Fairgrounds in Swayze, New Hampshire to take part in the largest live music series in New England this year. On September 12th, Amherst garage rock legends Dinosaur Jr. took their turn in the “Drive-In Live” series which has been running since mid-July. The band played in earnest and gave their all to a crowd that was too widely dispersed to show its appreciation with an applause. Nonetheless, excitement was in the air around this music-hungry crowd who seemed more than happy accept a less-than-ideal concert experience. A few attendees said they were dying to see live music again after a months-long concert drought. Even though sound phased in and out with the wind and the farthest cars saw the stage as a bright glean in the distance, Dinosaur Jr.’s electrifying energy and crowd’s unquenched desire for live music kept spirits high.

Masks were required for all attendees anytime they wanted to travel outside of the allotted area next to their vehicle. Social distancing was enforced everywhere from the merchandise booth, to the six-foot apart porta-potties.
Dinosaur Jr. attracted college students as well as fans who remembered their early shows. Izzi and Steve, sitting on top of their Jeep in the bottom right, reminisced about seeing them play in the 90s with another Massachusetts band, Buffalo Tom.
Frontman and guitarist J Mascis appears on the big screen with bassist, Lou Barlow stage left and drummer, Murph center stage.
Cars jammed their way back to the road after a brief encore that was brought on by a chorus of honks, rather than applause.

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